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 Sea Freight

Trading and Logistics are interchangeably connected

At GGG we fully understand this need and established a very good connection with suppliers and manufacturers across Canada, US, China, Europe, Middle East, and other parts of the world to meet our clients’ needs. Our team of expert sales persons are here to receive your purchase orders (inquiries) and source what you need through their network of suppliers. A full package of service could be delivered to our esteemed clients from A to Z.

GGG Trading , department receives your purchase order, gets the best offered quote for your inquiries through its connection to suppliers or distributors, pays off on your behalf and delivers the shipping of your order to GGG’s Logistics department to carry your order to your desired destination / end user. WE believe that our clients deserve the best service and this full service package could be fulfilled at Global Golden Gate Logistics & Trading Inc. GGG’s trading service is not limited to a single and specific goods. Just send us the details of your inquiry and leave the rest on us.

Some of the exports and imports we handled for our clients from/ to Canada could be highlighted as below:
  • Food, Grains , dried fruits

  • Printing materials and machines

  • Home and kitchen appliances

  • Passenger cars

  • Faucets and Hardwoods

  • Laboratory and measurement equipment

  • Safety and measurement equipment ( Canasafe – BW Honeywell Technologies-Water testing, ….. )

  • Irrigation Timers ( Orbit )

  • And a lot more ...